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Marketing My Journey was born out of the realisation that there currently lacks a community for young digital marketers, SEOs and social media enthusiasts that bridges the gap between university and real life work. We strive to create a place where young professionals within the digital industries can come to learn, contribute and share their own knowledge and experiences.

The idea to create a website first came up (as many great ideas do) one evening in the pub whilst discussing what our roles involved in our new jobs and sharing tips. During the discussion a few ideas were thrown about, covering and filling the gaps we had found in the community. Some crazy ideas were discussed that evening (we won't divulge the more 'eccentric' ones) but we started narrowing the thinking down to a blog/community that helps other people through the experiences we had encountered.

We realised that after we all graduated, we left university with high hopes (bright eyes and bushy tails to match) but we discovered that the step up between education and full time work can be a steep one. We realised that university can teach you a great deal, such as the best theories and practices but it doesn't fully prepare you for the 'big bad world'.

evolutionHaving experienced the hardship of finishing university, picking a career and applying for and keeping a job, we are able to share our experiences first hand. Our aim is to educate, teach and share our stories with you and, in turn, you are able to share yours with us, therefore creating a vibrate community for young social media gurus, digital marketers and search engine optimists (See what we did there?).

And so Marketing My Journey was born.


What We Offer

The Marketing My Journey blog exists to create a community for likeminded people to share, learn and educate others with all things digital. Hopefully we will be able to better prepare you to make your transition from education to full-time work a smooth one.

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