5 Christmas Bandwagons your ecommerce business can jump on

Written by Thomas Light on Thursday, 05 December 2013. Posted in Content Marketing

5 Christmas Bandwagons your ecommerce business can jump on

Christmas is the busiest time of year for lots of ecommerce businesses, sales are on the up and shoppers are looking around to grab the best deals. It can also be a great time of year to launch a campaign which is focused on showing off your businesses personality and grow brand awareness.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Black Friday was unknown in the UK 10 years ago. Celebrated the Friday after Thanksgiving the name is said to have come from when shops start showing their first profits for the year which is indicated using a black pen (losses using a red pen). Now it is a great boost to the US shops and in the past 2 years ever increasingly popular in the UK with Amazon UK giving flash deals throughout the week.

Cyber Monday is the busiest day for online shopping, the first Monday of December, shoppers have just been paid and are looking to get the Christmas shopping done before the rush. Cyber Monday deals are very popular in the UK, with an increase in sales for usually high priced TV and Cameras.

How you can get involved

You can easily get involved in both Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Increasingly more popular in the UK both are easily utilised. Prior to both days work out the discounts and offers you are going to set. To really hop aboard these important shopping days a digital marketing strategy needs to be in place which includes; e-mails, blogs, optimised ad word listings as well as importantly social media.


Social Media – relevant #hashtags can be used to target those looking for discounts and bargains. You may also want to include images with tweets as we have seen 2x more engagement in tweets with photos since the latest image preview has come into effect.

Other social media channels such as Pinterest can be very important for companies to use. Small clothing brands especially can use Pinterest to their advantage showing great imagery of their clothing.

Stand out with a quirky Christmas greeting

The latest trends which have been emerging from companies show off the personality and fun side of the company, we saw when the ‘Harlem Shake’ went viral companies joined in creating their own videos.

Customers increasingly want to see the people who they are dealing with, to show that it is not just a corporate machine.

The trends in video will show off the lighter side to the company, if you can incorporate a bit of fun as well as Christmas spirit into the video you’re sure to capture an audience and hopefully build up brand loyalty and recommendations.

Even if you’re a B2B company, camera shy or you’re without a digital creative, a simple greetings message can be much more effective than the standard e-card you’ll receive.

Watch out for companies using Vine as well as Instagram. Both are popular mobile platforms and can be used quite effectively for the right audience.

Festive WebsiteToms Festive Profile Picture

The task of making your website look festive can be a long process, and if you do not have an in-house developer it can be very difficult to do. A simple change to the logo, banner image and/or social media icons can add a seasonal feel to your website. Will this increase sales? Probably not, but at least it shows you are in the spirit, those who love Christmas will love it and those who hate Christmas will probably not notice it. So a small change may be able to just affect the mood of the online shoppers.

Christmas Countdowns

Having a Christmas countdown will be everywhere reminding us all about the last online shopping day and how your package may be delayed. To really get the most from a Christmas countdown you can give something back to your audience.


A popular way to offer daily deals to customers is through interactive advent calendars. These can be coded into your website which will cost money, or for the small businesses that don’t have the resources it could be done via social media and changing images on the website. An example calendar can be seen at Magmex.com

If you don’t have discounts to offer you can always have a countdown of a different nature via your social media channels. For example: you/your companies favourite Christmas songs, films, jokes, images from your office at Christmas and if you’re lucky enough to work in a florists or bakery images of the festive bouquets and cakes.

Shareable Christmas Content

Comedy campaigns have been quite popular lately within social media, we have seen businesses take a less coporate stance on social media and interact with customers and followers alike in a more personal comedic way.

Note* know your business, this may not work for everyone.

Adding comedy into your Christmas campaign is a great way for your content to be shared.

A great example of this came from GAME.

 game christmas tinner

With a little creativity simple content such as GAME’s 9 course Christmas Tinner can be shared across the web.

Christmas Reminders

Remember to have your social media scheduled over the festive period. Our Hootsuite guide may help you out!

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