LinkedIn adds social mentions to their updates

Written by Jamie Courtnell on Friday, 05 April 2013. Posted in News

LinkedIn allow tagging in their updates


It was announced yesterday that LinkedIn are following the likes of Facebook and Twitter, in allowing you to link to other profiles and companies within your updates.

The move, targeted at improving engagement, allows you to 'tag' other professionals and companies within your network. However, much like twitter doesn't allow you direct message people who don't already follow you, you can only tag people you are connected with. Which was an obvious move to maintain the benefits of their premium members who, among other features, can send messages to people outside their network.

What does this mean for the average LinkedIn user?

It should make starting conversations on the social network at lot easier and possible directly from the homepage. As well as adding exposure to your business or business partners within conversations.

How does it work?

Simply start typing the name of the person/business you wish to mention and select them from the drop down list. If that isn't clear enough LinkedIn have also provided us with a Slideshare to explain:


Keep an eye out for how businesses start utilising this new feature in their LinkedIn updates, if you require any help to get the most of the social mentions, please leave your comments below.

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