LinkedIn for the B2B marketeer

Written by Jason Leith on Tuesday, 20 August 2013. Posted in Digital Marketing

LinkedIn for the B2B marketeer

When someone brings up the topic of social media marketing, which is pretty much everyday, most people immediately think of Facebook. Without a doubt Facebook is currently the most used social network for B2C marketing. However for people who work in the B2B environment the most important social network that will allow you to communicate and engage with your target audience is going to be LinkedIn.

Optimised page

 All LinkedIn company pages are indexed by search engines and they rank highly in Google. By using keywords and descriptions that are consistent with your website and other social network accounts it ensures that your company page will be search engine optimised and rank higher in both the LinkedIn native search and other search engines. Search engines will also show a snippet from the description so it is important to lead with unique content with strong keywords.

Compelling page

Home page

  • Upload a company page banner - The banner is the first thing that is seen when someone lands on your company page. Make sure the image stands out and lets the user know who you are.
  • Company description -  The description should be about a paragraph in length. Use it as a way to tell your story about what you do, why you do it.
  • Complete the specialities fields - Describe not only your products but also what makes your company unique, what benefits you offer etc.

Products & Services page

 These pages allow you to showcase products and services. Companies with these pages tend to have twice as many followers (Source – LinkedIn Survey)

  • Create different content configurations for the page with unique content for different types of LinkedIn members
  • Use the page to showcase more than just products. You can link to anything – whitepapers, videos etc. Anything that helps tell your story and connect with members and put them in contact with more useful information
  • Upload up to three rotating banners to the page; these banners can be clickable so take advantage of this to drive traffic to your website.

LinkedIn feed

 The LinkedIn news feed gives companies a direct channel to their followers. Content posted on the company page is delivered to followers news feed. The ability to target specific followers depending on company size, industry, function, seniority and geography enables you to share your content with the right people without spamming all of your other followers. Salesforce increased engagement and amplification by 30% by targeting their company updates.

 LinkedIn has recently introduced sponsored updates for company pages. Sponsored updates allow you to reach LinkedIn members that do not currently follow your company page by posting your update on their news feed. Sponsored updates offer an even greater amount of targeting, allowing you to breakdown members by school, skills, group, gender and age as well as the targeting options available with normal updates.

 One of the easiest ways to increase the amount of impressions and potential engagement with company updates is for the company employees to share and comment on them. When an employee likes, shares or comments on a company update they pass that content on to all of their first degree connections. Furthermore, when a non-follower sees that one of their connections has interacted with your content they will be more likely to engage with it as it has been ‘endorsed’ by one of their connections. 


 Engaging with audiences on LinkedIn is the best way to attract and keep followers. One of the most obvious ways to engage with your followers, and your extended network through amplification, is posting status updates. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep it brief – a sentence or two, no longer

  • Morning updates get most engagement (Source – LinkedIn Studies)

  • Link to relevant content, whether your own or from an external source. Updates with links to content get higher engagement (Source LinkedIn studies)

  • Ask questions to increase engagement

  • Target your update

  • Don’t forget about your post. Reply to any comments or questions to keep the conversation going

Being active in relevant groups is a good way to establish yourself, and in turn your company, as thought leaders. Currently you are unable to comment on group discussions as your company however LinkedIn have began rolling out the ability for page admins to comment on and ‘like’ posts on their company page as the company.

Do you use LinkedIn to boost your marketing? If you do please share your own top tips with us and if you are thinking about creating a company page but don’t know where to start just send us a message and we will help you out.

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