Marketing With Slideshare

Written by Jason Leith on Thursday, 18 April 2013. Posted in Content Marketing, Digital Marketing

Marketing With Slideshare


One of the biggest and yet relatively unused online business platforms that I have been testing recently is slideshare. There has been a lot more talk on marketing blogs about it in the past few months and there are big reasons for this. Slideshare is a platform for sharing business content; you can share almost any type of content e.g. PowerPoint, word documents, pdf, infographics, video, webcasts.

Slideshare has a massive amount of traffic, they get 60 million unique visits a month, one of the highest traffic sites on the internet! This potential exposure alone is enough of a reason to start uploading your content to slideshare.

Slideshare as a business platform

One of the other reasons I am going to start pushing slideshare to clients is because it is made for businesses. Proof of this is easy to see, slideshare enables you to add tags to the content you upload and the six most used tags are: business, statistics, social media, market, trends and research.

I work in business to business marketing and one of the biggest challenges I face when trying to encourage clients to use social media is that they believe social media doesn’t work in a B2B environment. This is because the main ROI indicator in the B2B world is leads/sales and Facebook and Twitter, generally, do not give this return.

Slideshare allows you to capture leads by adding a data capture form to your content. “That’s great, now I can capture those all-important leads!” I hear you say, but it gets better. The flexibility in the data capture form is massive:

  • You can decide where in your content it sits, be it before the reader gets to view your content, half way through the content and just before they get to that great bit of knowledge you are sharing, or at the end.
  • You have a choice of what information is asked for and if the form is mandatory or optional.
  • The form will auto-populate if the viewer is signed in to slideshare.
  • You can use the data capture as a call-to-action which can, for example, takes the viewer to your website to sing up for a newsletter.
  • The form still appears on embedded slideshare presentations

Use of analytics in Slideshare

Slideshare offers analytics on the content you upload. If you sign up to the very reasonably priced, £19 per month, silver account you gain access to in-depth analytics on your content. The sort of analytics you can view are:

  • Date your content was viewed
  • Geographic location of viewer
  • What content of yours they have viewed
  • The referring url they used to get to your content
  • Keywords used to find your content
  • What content they were viewing when they clicked through to your presentation

SEO factors

Slideshare has a page rank of 8 meaning it is has high credibility when it comes to SEO. This means uploading your content on slideshare will improve its search results.

When you upload content with text slideshare automatically scrapes the content in order to optimise it for search results, you can also add tags that act as keywords for people to find your content.

Helpful ideas to get you started

I have been testing slideshare for a while now and have come across a few ideas that might help you kickstart your slideshare experience:

  • Create a branded page – There are different levels of branded page depending on what pricing option you go for but even at the lowest price it Is worth adding a logo and a few details about your company that show up on your page.
  • Promote your slideshare – A lot of people use slideshare but do not promote their account. There are slideshare badges and widgets available for you to add to your website that will encourage people to view your content.
  • Content, content, content – Uploading great content consistently and interacting with other content improves your visibility on the site this increases the chances of your content being seen by others.
  • Brand your content – Add your logo to the content you are uploading so viewers know who has created it and know where to go to find more.
  • Build up a network – Like all social platforms building up a network is important. By interacting with other content, liking and sharing, and following other users you are likely to increase your followers. You followers may also receive emails each time you upload new content.
  • Different types of content – Upload different types of content. Slideshare was originally designed for powerpoint presentation but now it is used for all different forms of content.
  • Videos – Videos can be very influential on slideshare. For example, if you upload a 90 second talking head video on both YouTube and slideshare, it can gain up to 10 times more views on slideshare. This is because people don’t come to slideshare to look at videos of cute cats they come to find information, also there are far less videos on slideshare so they are more likely to be seen.

Have you got any content on slideshare? Have you been getting the results you expected? Or do you want some more help and ideas? Let us know!

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