Understanding Facebook's new page insights

Written by Jason Leith on Wednesday, 16 October 2013. Posted in Social Media

Understanding Facebook's new page insights

On Wednesday (9th September) Facebook launched a new, and much improved, version of page insights.

In a time where collecting, measuring and analysing data is at the forefront of every marketers mind and with the increasing pressure to show the ROI from social media, Facebook have taken a huge step forward in helping you do this. The updated page insights give page managers access to a more in-depth level of analysis to enable them a greater degree of understanding on how their Facebook activities are performing.

The new page insights have six tabs:


new facebook page insights overview

This provides a 7 day summary of your Facebook page. This tab shows:

  • Page likes - the total number of current page likes and also when any new page likes have occurred during the week.
  • Post reach - the total number of people that have seen your posts.
  • Engagement - the total number of people that have engaged with your page or posts and what type of engagement it was.
  • Most recent 5 posts – this shows the time and date of the posts, type, targeting, reach and engagement of the posts. It also gives you the ability to boost your posts.

The following 5 tabs are where you can gather more insightful information about your Facebook page:


new facebook page insights likes

  • Time period - At the top of the ‘Likes’ tab there is a timescale, this allows you to select the specific dates you want to view data for, there are pre-defined time scales available of 1 week, 1 months or 1 quarter.
  • Net Likes – This graph shows you any likes or unlikes you have received over your specified time scale. By using the sub-categories in the benchmark section you can break down this data further by showing only certain types of likes such as; organic likes, paid likes, unlikes and net likes, and compare them to a previous time period.
  • Where your likes came from – The final graph in this tab show you where your likes have come from, be it from your page itself or page suggestions. Again the sub-categories in the benchmark section allow you to compare specific data to previous time periods.

All of these graphs are interactive, you are able to click on a specific date or drag the selector to specify a date range and view more comprehensive data for the selected period in a pop-up box.


Facebooks new page insights reach

As with the Likes tab, and all other tabs, there is a time period selector at the top of the page.

  • Post reach – This shows the reach of your posts and is broken down by paid and organic reach. Again, the graph is interactive, by selecting a certain time period it will show you all the posts that were being seen during that period as well as the engagement with those posts.
  • Likes, comments and shares – This graph shows all the positive interactions with your posts.
  • Hide, report as spam and unlikes – In contrast to the above graph, this shows you all the negative interactions with your posts.

Total reach – This shows the total number of people that were shown activity from your page. This includes posts, posts by other people, Page like adverts, mentions and check-ins.




  • Page and tab visits – This graph shows you the number of visits to the different tabs on your page including; timeline, info, admin, map and photo tabs. Generally the timeline tab will get the most vies however this helps you to understand what other tabs are working well and which could use some improvement.
  • Other page activity – This graph shows data for the number of people who took actions that involved your page, including: mentions, posts by other people on your page, check-ins and offers purchased

External referrers – This is an extremely helpful set of data as it shows you where people have come from to get to your Facebook page. Understand what pages are driving traffic to your Facebook page allows you to carry out A/B testing with call to actions and landing pages to see what is most effective with your audience.


new facebook page insights posts

The posts tab is great for creating a posting strategy for your own Facebook page as it gives you data that looks at days and times that your fans are online. There are two sections to this tab:

  • When your fans are online – This data in this section is only available for the most recent one week period, however you can select a single day from that range or a number of days.
    • Times – This graph shows you when your fans are online. This enables you to see the most effective time to post your updates are depending on what time most of your fans are online.
    • Posts – This is a list of all your posts that have been published. It shows you the type, targeting, reach and engagement of the posts. By using the available drop down on this table you can change the data you see, such as being able to see the engagement rate for each of your posts. If you click on the post title it brings up a more detailed breakdown, or ‘post detail card’, of your post showing you all the available data about that individual post.


  • Post types – This section breaks down your posts in to post types; photo, status and link. It shows you the average reach and average engagement of each post type. This allows you to analyse which type of post gets the most data so if you are posting a majority of link posts but they are getting a lower level of engagement than photo posts than you may want to consider posting more photos in the future.


new facebook page insights people


There are three sections to this tab:

  • Your fans – This tab shows you the demographic data of people who have liked your page. It shows you the gender, age, country, city and language of your fans. The gender and age breakdown also compares your data with the overall Facebook data allowing you to see if your page is more popular with certain gender and ages groups. This helps you to see if you are targeting the correct people with your marketing or if there are any possible audiences that you could target in the future.
  • People reached & People engaged – These two sections in the people tab allow you to see the same demographic data for people your posts have reached and people that have engaged with your posts.

These new insights should give you a bit more help in the best ways to interact and engage with your audiences on Facebook, however if you would like to know more or need some help in your social media marketing please get in touch.

Read the official Facebook announcement and view the video highlighting the new insights.


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