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Marketing My Journey takes SME’s from all business sectors. We work closely with the customer to find out which direction their company wants to head in in order to develop a package which will suit them best and voice the company online in the most suitable way.


Digital Marketing

Working with you, we can create a digital marketing campaign which draws in your target audience and effectively gets you seen online. Using a combination of tried and tested methods as well as fresh ideas. We like to innovate and focus on your target audience to get the most out of your campaign. We will also give you some helpful tips along the way to ensure your campaigns always run smoothly.

digital marketing services

Social Media

Giving your company a presence online as well as giving a personality to a brand name. As in real life people are attracted to a good personality (supposedly) and someone they can trust. By giving your company a voice, opinions, and some humour (optional), your online marketing can be enhanced and customers can feel drawn to use and recommend your services across their network of friends

Social Media Services

Search Engine Optimisation

Fundamental to any business, if your company cannot be found on the web you’re potentially losing customers on a daily basis to competitors who invest in SEO. We want to organically grow your business, working with you at every step of the way to ensure you can learn from us and take on board tips which will help your business in the future. We do not believe in trying to trick search engines to rank your website highly and instead use what we have learnt to root your business in solid foundations before letting it grow naturally.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Content Marketing

You may think this is all about creating content...in some respects that is correct. In the digital marketing World the phrase of the past few years has been 'Content is King'. Creating content is the first step, creating content that gets shared and viewed is the difference between good content and great content. Learn the differences, some tips on where you want to be plublished and how to grow your audience.



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