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Search Engine Optimsation

linkbuildingSearch Engine Optimisation, often abbreviated to SEO has had a growing importance in the past few years, especially for businesses who have and want an online presence. 

SEO is basically the science behind getting your website ranked as high as possible on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO represents a code of best practices that should be employed throughout the site in order to best optimise your site to be crawled by search engines. 

With a huge percentage of website visits coming from organic searches, leads and conversions from search engine searches can represent the single largest source of revenue for many businesses.


We offer a range of SEO services and advice, suitable for both large and small websites. Our services can vary from short consultation and a guide to best practices to a full website SEO audit. These are just a few of the services we offer:

SEO Audit

An in-depth, full audit of your website from an SEO perspective, covering all areas of best practice. This would be your complete package if you would like a full from scratch review of your businesses website. 

Off-site SEO & Link Building

Arguably the most time consuming area of website optimisation, a link building campaign can reap great rewards if done correctly. An external website linking to your website counts as a vote of confidence in the eyes of Google. The more links, from more authoritative sites the better. 

Link building techniques have been called into question recently with the latest algorithm updates from Google and it is now more important than ever to get it right - which includes getting natural and high quality links. Our link building services will consider what your business can provide to receive links and we avoid any 'black hat' techniques that may show short term rewards but lose in the long term. 

Content Marketing

Inbound marketing and 'content is king' are the buzzwords flying around at the moment. Providing quality content to your readers can boost loyalty, trust and conversions. We can help you choose the right kind of content to publish to best connect with your audience.

Keyword Analysis

You need to make sure you site appears under the search terms that you customers are searching for. Using a range of tools to analyse they keywords that will bring customers and the keywords that your customers are searching for, we will be able to pick the core terms that relate to your business. They will be the most relevant to your business and be the most realistic that you can rank on the first page of the search engines for both short and long term. 

Ranking and Keyword Performance Reports

Once we've identified the keywords to be targeted we will be able to provide you with monthly reports on how that keyword is doing.

Competitor Analysis

Competition in the realm of SEO relates to the websites a that are competing for the same search term. Whoever is on page 1 of the keyword phrase you are targeting are considered competition. We are able to review the key competitors, how well they are ranking and identify how they can be beaten. googleanalytics

On-site Architecture and Error Correction

For your website to best perform within the search engines, you need to have your site set up in a way that makes it easy for the crawlers to index, but at the same time doing this without compromising on user experience. We can recommend the optimum layout of your website, robot.txt file and correct any issues or errors. 

Utilisation of Analytics Data

Analytics are the currency of website ranking metrics. Without being able to track how people interact with your website any SEO or digital marketing efforts will be operating blind. We will be able to provide basic usage training so you are able to get a overall grasp on how your site is performing, as well as setting up customer reports and segments designed for your needs to enable you to see your required metrics and results at the click of a button. 

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