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Since the mid-2000's Social Media, in some form or another, has become an integral part of peoples every day lives. With so many platforms to choose from it’s not unusual to have multiple accounts to catch up with friends and family, read articles and news stories, share holiday photos and watch a favourite band’s new video.

It has taken a while for business to sit up and take social media seriously, but recently top brands down to small businesses are utilising social media to bring them ever closer with their customer base and open up a whole new channel of interaction. 

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In an age of constant internet connections and 24/7 consumerism, it is vital that social media be a resource that should be tapped into. Just in terms of search, social media is a powerful tool. If you add to this how it allows SMEs the ability to build brand reputation and personality along with being able to communicate real-time with potential customers, whilst engaging with existing clients.

We firmly believe that the best social media comes from within your own company. You and your staff are the most passionate about your brand and what you offer. We also know that not all SMEs are in a position to have a dedicated social media marketer.

For this reason Marketing My Journey can offer two levels of service.

Social Start-Up

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We set up accounts on all the main social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Youtube and LinkedIn, personalising them to your company. We’re also happy to take over your abandoned pages, customise and optimise them, re-injecting interest in them.

We’ll begin updating statuses, gaining awareness to your brand. We work with you on this. This is part of our “helping hand” mentoring process. We’ll give advice and tips on how to get the best from social media activity. We will also teach you the importance of blogging and how to get the most from each of your blog posts. Plus how to optimise what you are saying in order to reach a larger audience. Working in this way will build up your confidence over a number of weeks to eventually let you take full control. Some people take longer to get to this stage than others, but we will always stick close to you in case further tips or assistance are needed down the line.

Give us the Reins

For a number of reasons you may feel unable to take over your accounts. So, an alternative is to give us control and we’ll continue to manage your account. We’d still work closely with you and never losing sight of your brand’s identity.

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